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10 Gifts Ideas for A New Relationship

So, you just met someone new and exciting for a date, and want to see where it can take you? Or perhaps you have been friends with that person for quite some time, but only now has the flame of love been kindled. In either case, the beginning of a relationship is very memorable, and these memories will serve you for years to come. There are many expectations on either party to make things memorable, and the best way you can do that is by giving gifts!

Presenting a gift to a new date can be difficult. It is the beginning of the relationship, and you don’t often know the person that well (or at least don’t know them on a romantic level). You don’t want to over-do things, nor do you want to perform below expectations. It is a very tricky situation most of us have faced, or will face in our lifetimes, often multiples times.

It’s all about the effort

You might have been planning on a $1,000 gold watch for him (or $1,000 gold earrings for her). Stop! It is more important to be thorough rather than plentiful. A box of chocolates, for instance, is considered to be a reasonably good gift for your romantic partner. And in most cases, it is acceptable. But, no matter how expensive the box of chocolate you buy, it will still feel to be something too generic. The same thing holds true for jewelry or clothing items.

What’s going to be more interesting? A special or different kind of chocolate! Somethings that’s not available on the market, and something that shows extra effort was made to acquire it. In the case of jewelry, perhaps a custom-engraved ring would be more appreciated than far more expensive earrings. But wait! Do not give her jewelry on the first few dates – that’s a very good example of what not to do at the very beginning of a relationship. It shows a lack of effort and a focus towards materialism in most cases.

It is important that the first few gifts you give show that you have put an effort. You will be remembered by that for a long time to come.

Great gifts for new relationships

Gifts should be given by heart, and with some personal effort put into them. But nevertheless, if you are running out of ideas or not sure whether your gift is appropriate or not, read on ahead and we will take you through some great gift ideas.

1. Books

Books can help save the day for you in many ways. Book gifts are not gender specific – both men and women like to read (well, from among the people who do actually like to read). If your partner is one such individual, find out what type of books they’re interested in. Perhaps get them an autographed Game of Thrones book set, or a special Lord of the Rings set with beautifully redesigned covers.

2. Board games

Once again, a gender unbiased suggestion that both of you can simultaneously enjoy. If both of you are into board games (yes, YOU have to be into them as well, there’s no benefit to pretending), then you can get your partner a nicely built or theme-based board game. Considering how I am a board game fan and a Game of Thrones fanatic, I would love a GOT-themed monopoly set, perhaps. You will have to dig a little, but you should eventually come up with something is unique and fun at the same time.

3. Chocolates

Yes, yes, I know I mentioned earlier that chocolates can be a little too generic. But not if it is a special kind. Again, special here doesn’t mean an $8,000 Belgian bar. Special can be something unique and not commonly found at the local supermarkets.

LoveCocoa.com has a great collection of uniquely-made chocolate bars, blocks or candies in different shapes, sizes and flavors. I’m sure you will find something that will instantly perk up your partner’s attention.

4. Paintings/portraits

If you’re Bill Gates, then perhaps you can afford a Picasso. Or, perhaps you’re a painter yourself, Picasso reborn. But for the rest of us folks, an ordinary painting should do just fine. By ordinary, I do not mean dull, drab and uninteresting. I mean a regular painting that would look good on a wall, something your partner will appreciate. If your partner loves mountaineering, for instance, then give them a great looking portrait/painting of the mighty Mt. Everest.

P.S: Do NOT give them a portrait of yourself. That’s too presumptuous and will force them to keep it, which will make them hate it. You want them to remember you by the painting, but not be reminded of you. It’s a subtle, but very fine difference.

5. Smartphone cases

These days it is not hard to get customized smartphone cases. It will hardly cost you $10-20, but it will be something your partner will use daily and remember you with.

6. Customized mugs

You can get custom printed mugs as well for as low as $5-10. However, care needs to be taken not to overdo this. If your partner is a coffee lover, then such a gift makes sense. But if they live with their family and you get love quotes or names printed on the mugs, then it may not work out too well for obvious reasons.

7. Movie or game tickets

Tickets are excellent gifts for taking your relationship to the next level, but in a subtle manner. Get your partner tickets for movies or sporting events (provided that they’re interested in watching that movie/sport, otherwise it will be a colossal fail), and you can use the gift as a reason to go on a date! Win-win!

8. Cakes!

A cake is another gift idea from the “safe” category. Get custom-made cakes for various occasions, such as your partner’s birthday, one-month anniversary, valentine’s day and so forth. You don’t have to make the cake yourself, but you have to choose a design so make sure it is something that your partner can relate to.

9. Notebooks/planners

Those who do not mind sitting down to write every once in a while, will definitely appreciate a good notebook or planner. Planners are often given at the beginning of calendar years, and if your partner is a habitual writer, they will most definitely use your planner/notebook and remember you by it every time.

10. Surprise them!

Surprises are the best gifts! Every once in a while, do small things to pleasantly surprise them. Cook something for your partner that they enjoy. Put a rose (or any other flower) in that book you’re lending out to them. Send them a lovely letter over postal mail, letting them know how much you appreciate them. Lovely surprises like these can make your partner’s day, for which they will always appreciate you more.

I hope you find these gift ideas useful and that they help you take your new relationship to the next level! Have a happy relationship, and best of luck!





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