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10 Most Common Reasons for Divorce

Marriage breakdown has become one of the most common reason these days. There are a number of reasons for which people being divorced. Common research has come up with the conclusion that the ratio of women initiating divorce proceedings is much higher than that of men. Both men and women have different reasons for being separated. In this article, there have been listed some of the few reasons which can be common between both genders for a quick divorce.

10 Most Common Reasons for Divorce

1-         Communication Gap

Unbelievably but Communication is one of the strong pillars of happy marriage. If you have good communication skills and have a better understanding with your spouse then you have the ability to make your marriage a success. However, it is sad news for the ones who lack communication among their partners. Communication is pivotal in a marriage and not been able to communicate effectively can lead to separation.

2-         Finance Problems

Another reason, which can lead to divorce, is the finance issue. Most often, it seems to be quite a minor issue but for some people, it can lead to big disasters. No doubt, money is the biggest necessity today but for some, it is everything for them. Sometimes your spouse feels that their happiness varies with money. Money can retouch almost everything and they relate money with stress, which can be one reason for being divorced.

3-         Lack of Affinity

Lack of closeness is also one reason, which can initiate divorces. In a relationship, there is love, affection, care, and trust. The closeness in a relationship is a measure of how you both physically and emotionally attached with your partner. It is not always about sexual relation, if you pay no attention to your partner’s happiness, if you are lacking in making your partner feels special or lack in little acts of kindness then you are stepping towards divorce.

4-         Unfaithfulness

Unfaithfulness is also responsible for being divorced. There can be many reasons for those sometimes-having extra friendships with the opposite gender can make your partner jealous or the physical relations can be a big issue for this. Anger can be the most common reason for adultery, which can lead to cheat and end up being divorced. Alternatively, sometimes lack of intimacy can also lead to adultery, which leads to nothing but being divorced.

5-         The ceased desire of wanting

Most of the times of a day you feel the need of your partner depending upon small to big things you want in a day and getting such attention from your partner automatically makes him/her want you each day. What if you stopped caring about each other’s little things and the desire of wanting them gradually starts vanishing and get over them. This ceased desire of wanting them can also be one reason between you and your spouse for splitting up.


6-         Disagreements

Sometimes couples end up having the same disagreements between them repeatedly. They just stuck themselves in just that one point in the hope of being understood and appreciated but most of the times lead to misconceptions and huge arguments, which just ends up without being resolved. Thus, it can lead them to make a decision on getting divorced.

7-         Imaginary Assumptions

Imaginary assumptions or unreal supposition from your spouse is also the leading cause of a quick divorce. Being in a relationship with the loved ones can lead to many expectations, expectations of an ideal marriage and an ideal couple but most of the way’s thing will not work the way we suppose them to be so and when these expectations will not become real then it can lead to divorce.

8-         Unequal Justice

The secret of happy marriage lies inequality and being treated equally but some people intentionally or unintentionally do not know this. When in a marriage one person takes the whole charge then the things become worse and they head up towards ruining their marriage. It can change their views about their spouse, that respect starts vanishing, and at the end, they both end up deciding on being divorced. If you treat your partner equally, give importance to their opinions as well and respects their decisions also then you can live a happy married life.

9-         More use of Abusive Language

The other reason for being getting divorced is the more and more use of abusive language and cursing each other. It can be both emotional and physical and no one will like to stay in such a relationship if he is being abused. This can be due to the reason of being emotionally hurt or disturbed as many abusers say. Therefore, the partner prefers to cut himself or herself out of such relation safely and without being tolerating it.

10-   Too Young for Marriage

It is sad but a genuine reason for being divorced. Getting married at a young age or not even ready for that marriage is one of the most serious issues, which can initiate divorces. Sometimes it’s the pressure from the family or maybe some other reasons which can force you to get married and your spouse being too young for it can bear such circumstances and often ends up breaking up the marriage which is not going to stay for long anyway.


This article describes the ways and reasons, which can be a cause of divorces among so many people. The main reasons for being divorced can be lack of trust, affection, intimacy and much more. Moreover, this article tells how small issues can lead to big indifferences and which, as a result can be a cause of divorce. In addition, this shows how men and women are equally partnered with being getting divorced.


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