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10 Signs You’re No Longer a Personal Finance Rookie


Are you preparing for any accident and mishaps in life with the emergency fund?

What are doing with your money?

How well do you manage your money and, increase your amount in the account an and grow it for your future?

If you are doing well and have an eye on all your personal finances, it’s good news!

Now you are out of minor players and become a major player in the personal finances. Here are some reasons you are no longer a personal finance rookie:

  1. You are not panic-checking your accounts and financial statements:

When you have full control of your money, income and expenses, you know where your money is coming and where it is going. Then you have a pretty good idea of all your account and balance at all time. You can see and check where you are spending your money and track all the income activity.

The time is gone where you don’t check your account and get scared! You can see that you don’t have any bad compulsive habits anymore, and don’t panic while checking your account balance.

  1. You don’t owe anything and never get a huge tax refund:

It is not a smart way to get a massive tax refund while managing your money. By overpaying your taxes, you can give the government an entire interest-free year for loans and you also miss out investment opportunities as well as benefits of compound interest. But when it comes to financing rookies, they overpay their taxes as its refund feels like a windfall. That is why the fact is all the money you have spent should stay in your paycheck all time long.

If you calculate your money and withholding correctly, you can estimate it as low as $0 and close to it. It will help you earn and take advantage of every single cent you have made throughout the year. You can also calculate your taxes with CIS Tax Return Experts and make it as low as possible.

  1. You have almost no debt to pay:

We all face monthly debt payment through our lives and it is one of the big chunks that we have to spare for various tasks of life. But taking out excessive monthly debt can not only bring your finances in the worst position but can be very challenging at the same time.

It is better to keep money and cash in pocket and buy a car, houses and any other thing from lease free and interest-free at the same time. That is why for the best financial position you should save money for instead of including monthly debt.

  1. Your credit score is at its best position:

Credits and credit cards are one of the major reasons your money creep out from your pocket and you don’t notice is much. If you spend money on a case, you will also consider the value of money, but on the other hand, if you pay from the credit card, you might empty your account without much consideration. That is why try to manage your credit score and maintain it for its best position.

  1. You have started to save:

When we are in the best state of financial position, we save money and do it before anything else. That is why you have now automated this system of saving and now taking much bigger steps towards financial freedom. You are not only saving money for your saving accounts but also for other important elements like emergency funds and retirement plans. Good news, you are now managing your budget in the money left after savings.

  1. You are now not living paycheck to paycheck:

It was impossible before but not anymore. You are not living from one paycheck to another, but you have to make discipline in financial position. You are now not lacking in your budget and overwhelming debts but have more money to left in your pocket even before starting your new month.

  1. You have money on your emergency fund:

More than anything else you have your emergency fund which you have created for bad times. The money in your emergency fund is now enough to cover your and your family unexpected health issues and any uncertain circumstances. You are in a better mental state and have peace of mind.

  1. You are paying bills on time:

Your bills are always paid on time and they never get overdue. You are either have generated an automated system to pay bills as soon as the income falls in your account or pay them first thing when your salary is transferred. That is why you feel more confident and secure.

  1. You are not an impulsive purchaser anymore:

Since you are managing your money efficiently, you don’t have a big amount in your account to buy impulsively. That is neither why you are nor making purchases without thinking and is at a better state of mind and financial condition.

  1. You stick to your monthly budget:

The most important element is you now stick to your monthly budget and make it a habit of following it. Instead of adding way too many expenses each month you spend every single dollar carefully as you have planned.

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