11 Ways You Can Develop Your Business Using The Google Analytics

What do you do when you open sign into your Google Analytics account? The answer would be that you check the traffic for today and compare it with the traffic of the previous day. But if we ask you what other information did you receive from the Google Analytics? The answer in most of the cases will surely be nothing.

GA (Google Analytics) provides a bunch of many boring yet very useful graphs that can help you study different relationships and get familiar with the position of your company. We have brought some items that you need to focus on before signing out of your account.

Competitive standings:

With the help of benchmarking screen, you can see where you stand in the market concerning your competitor. Yes, we understand! The data might not be 100% accurate, of course not at of your competitors will use Google Analytics. But still, something in hand is better than empty hands.

More often than not you will have an idea of how forward or backward you are, from your competitors. But do you know exactly how much visitor lead you have over the competing businesses? By seeing some helpful stats like how much time a person spent on your website, you can compare the feature of your business with the others and see which thing you can improve.

Global analysis:

In the country view, you will see an option of map overlay. You will find it irrelevant to your field of interest. It can become more relevant if you use it correctly.

Go to the city level and see which city contributes the maximum part of your visitor base. It is not necessary that if you are running a website from India and all your users will be from India. It is possible that a considerable number of your visitors come from the US or the UK. So you can just target the market accordingly.

Returning customer vs. Window shoppers

GA can show you that how many customers made a single visit and how many of them actually got engaged and bought goods from you usually.

If your business is of such nature that your customers come only once in time, then you must search for better opportunities to attract newer customers. Likewise, if your business is based on consumer loyalty, then you must look for ways to engage your current visitors more.

What impression your website makes?

Studying your website traffic is a good thing. But there is one other option available in the GA, and that option is to see how many people leave your website.

Is the number is a massive one then you should work on the look of your website and the betterment in the quality of content that your website contains.


You might be an expert at using a computer, but not all of your customers know what exactly are the complex computer functions. The GA offers you to check from which browser the most of your customers excessing your website.

See if your website is compatible with that browser. If not, then adapt according to your customers’ need.

The screen factor:

The GA allows you to see the details of monitors that your customers are using. If you go back in the history, you will see people using bulky monitors to experience a low-resolution picture. But the time has changed, and now the computer users operate slim and light monitors with high resolution.

In Google Analytics you can see whether your customer is using a high resolution or a low resolution. If the resolution is higher on the scale, then you need to increase the width of your website. And if the resolution is low, then the width must be lesser. It is all about what your visitors experience. Put them at ease.

Where is the traffic coming from?

The website traffic comes from different sources; it might be a direct search, a referring website or a search engine. If your traffic is suddenly increasing then see from which site the visitors are diverting.Check it out in GA and plan your advertisement and business market strategies accordingly.

Your ranking on Google:

You might already know the keywords which are used by your users to access your website. But have you ever tried to increase the ranking of those keywords? You might encounter a situation that a keyword is driving traffic towards your website,but you are still on page two of the Google search. Try getting on page one. This is only possible if you do search engine optimization. Moreover, you can signup for Google AdWords to start a pay per click campaign. We have also brought the five Google Analytics add-ons that your small business must incorporate in its website.

Determining new products and content

Going through the detailed analysis of your website, you will be able to see what your customers and visitors like or dislike. You can then put the products and content which satisfies them the most. Remember that it is easier to generate the content which current users like than to capture the visitors who like your current content.

Why are your visitors leaving?

Most of the website owners ignore this factor. But this thing is as important as getting the new traffic for your site. Go through the details of stuff which your visitors do not like,and they quit searching for more.

To counter this, you can add links to different pages on your website,and you can enhance the performance of your web pages by simply taking the help from Google Website Optimizer.

Setting goals:

How can your website or business run without the goals being specified? Set the goals of getting a specific number of visitors to your website. Occasionally check the Google Analytics for ensuring the timely and effective completion of goals.

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