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How much does it cost to make a Medical App?

Medical App

Mobile medical applications, healthcare applications, health-related patients apps are overtaking the market rapidly. Mobile health solutions expand with the increase in smartphone users worldwide. That has made it much easier for both doctors and patients to function even more effectively.

Why there is a need to develop a medical app for healthcare?

Long queues in dull and tedious waiting halls, waiting to get inside the doctor’s chamber desperately, ailing faces of the patients sitting in rows, is the one side of the picturea person can view but the mobile app development industries changed the whole scenario.

The development of healthcare apps totally changed this concept, now the patients living in far areas can book appointments with the doctors using mobile apps, moreover, they can appoint an appropriate specialist, buy medicines and view medical tests report online.

Medical App

How much does it cost to develop a Medical app?

The cost of developing a medical app is one ofthe mainaspects to consider before starting the project. The effort of work required to build a healthcare app is somewhat unpredictable, but it is not too much expensive. Most of the time it depends on the developer how much he wants to charge based on the requirement of the app.

Features and Functionalities that Impact app Cost

The cost of a good app also depends on some of the features or functions, which make it unique and helpful.

  • App design: It depends what kind of design a buyer wants whether simple, medium or rich.
  • App interaction: App interactions include social linking, messaging and chats.
  • Basic features: The basic features must be newsfeed, activity feed, user’s profile, rating,and
  • Advance features: Booking calendar, data synchronize and push notifications featured in it.
  • Admin panel: data control of the user, reporting, block and add features.
  • External features: In-app calling or messaging, connect to the third

These are few features simply create awareness about factors upon which cost depends. Here are some other factors that play a vital role in varying the cost of app development.

Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

The patient’s electronic medical record is an important key of healthcare app. As it contains the medical, record of a patient, so this module is an automation workflow that takes place in automated medical facilities.

Medical Workflow

This module involves medication tracking, accidents, management of drugs and so on. This automated functionality blended with an electronic medical module for the usual workflow.

Medicare Standards

This is the most crucial and time-consuming part as the CMS of an app totally based on it. It takes 3-4 months for the development of the CMS.

Social Component

Social componentsprovide proficiency between doctors and patients to communicate. This component referred to a software for scheduling appointments for healthcare professionals. This medical software depends on graphic designing that initiates from 2 months.

Integration with Medical Devices

The time required for the integration with the devices varies as the complexities vary. A rough estimation is about 2 months.

Types of Medical Healthcare app

There are two main categories of health care apps, one doctor’s app,and the second patient’s app. The first app is for medical institutions, doctors and nurses. The second is for the patient to assist them with health remedies.

The other types of app, which created, are:

  • Apps to monitor chronic diseases ( diabetes, blood pressure)
  • General health test and fitness apps
  • Women’s health apps
  • Weight loss apps
  • Diet apps
  • Mental health apps
  • Medical record apps

Features of a Healthcare app

Several features a healthcare app must have

  • Tracking/Monitoring
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Payments
  • Reviews
  • Analytics

Tracking features are the most prominent feature of a healthcare app. When a patient wants to monitor heartbeat rate, glucose level, pulse and calories, the doctors at the same time can track the results.

Payment method is another most significant feature, as patients have to pay for visiting hospitals and for other medical services. Therefore, it is a good idea to add a payment option online.

Doctor on Demand

For appointing doctor on demand or advice,a medical healthcare app is an amazing tool. As it provides monitoring all the time during a day, it becomeseasier for the doctor as well as the patient. The push notification and messaging are essential to a health care app.A good internet connection can make an appointment with a doctor in a few minutes.

Advantages of a Medical app

A medical health care app has a number of advantages with the help of which people are gaining huge advantages. The most prominent are listed as under

  • Healthcare app a boon for doctors and the Staff: As the app helps to keep a doctor up to date about the present condition of the patient. Moreover, according to statistics,90% of the doctors believe that medical healthcare app can bring a prominent improvement in patient’s health. Therefore, it has become a boon for doctors, nurses,and other medical staff.
  • A blessing in far remote areas: A medical healthcare serves as a blessing in rural areas or far remote areas where the patients have trouble in booking appointments; they can do this easily and flawlessly with the help of this app.
  • Benefits for Patients:The patients are becoming more beneficial from this healthcare app as it is easier for them now to book appointments online, moreover they can find an appropriate specialist for them and can view their test reports online.


After analysis and researches, developers and the medical staff ended up concluding that it does not cost so much to develop a medical app for healthcare. Sometimes, the cost depends on the requirements and the features to add. The apps proved to be more beneficial and helpful for both doctors and patients, as it provides on-time assistance.

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