How to be a great blogger in 10 Do-able steps

How to be a great blogger in 10 Do-able steps

To become a successful content marketer, it is important to learn how to blog effectively. Blogging plays an important and necessary role in digital marketing, if someone needs to make a prominent online presence then there is a need to do blogging in a fast and effective way.

Blogging is the only way to sell your products or expertise online; there is no other way to do that. At starting, the beginners to SEO or digital marketing find it difficult to find the value of a blog, how it can help them grow.

Most people do blogging for their living but many others do blogging to get higher ranks on search results. Moreover, retailers use blogging to promote their products online. In short, blogging is the key to promote business whether in the form of written content, pictures or videos.

Therefore, blogging for any brand or service must be efficient and perfect. Most people do not even know how to do proper blogging for this purpose there is a need to have a systematic guide.

This article will provide 10 do-able steps that help an individual to become a great blogger. These steps are as follows:

1)   Define Purpose of your Blogging

The most important before starting your own blog is to define the purpose of your blogging. Usually, people start blogging without understanding their main objective. They do not even know about what they are going to blog. This is the biggest mistake ever, which results in failure and losing hope.

A proper vision about what you want to do, what are your expertise and defining the main purpose of the blog will help you grow your brand or business.For example, the main purposes for blogging will be blogging for money, blogging for leads and blogging for traffic. This one-step contributes as a major step to becoming a great blogger. Moreover, use can join online masterclass to get better idea about starting blog.

2)   Do research before writing

Creating content is the most time-consuming part of blog writing. As blogging is the key to promote and it is an important part of establishing and creating brand awareness, therefore, it is important to create unique and appropriate content. For this purpose, you need to do a lot of research.

For making, a blog better and competent it is necessary to think in a different way, for this reason, a lot of research required.

3)   Select post titles wisely

After knowing about your blog and having, an idea about what is written the next task is to choose a tie for the blog.The title plays a great role in promoting a blog moreover; it increases the visibility of the content. The title must be catchy and SEO friendly, which result in increased traffic and generate more leads.

4)   Create Post outline

After the title is ready now it is the time to create a post outline. A post outline will explain the different headings a blog contain. A good outline from the beginning will save time as all you need to do is create content relevant to each heading.

Depending on post length, one can have different headings ideally for every 500 words. This will make reading automatically easier and might make a reader spend a lot more time on your blog.

5)   Write the introduction

The next step is to write an introduction. As the introduction clearly explains what a blog contains and what the purpose of the blog is. A famous saying is “well begun is half done”.This is true when it comes to writing an introduction to a blog.

The introduction must be short and precise and explains all about the blog. It takes a good amount of time to create a great introduction but once a great introduction is, ready it becomes easier to create the rest body of the blog.

6)   Concentrate on post length

Size matters a lot when it comes to creating a log. The research and surveys showed that long posts result better in search engines. However, the question is how long should a post be? The simplest answer is to search for the relevant blogs on google and count the words, just to get an idea about the length of the blog.

7)   Understand the basics of On-page SEO

When it comes to article writing, SEO counts as a huge subject. All bloggers and content writers must know the basics of SEO, you do not have to be an expert of SEO however, the basics of it. This will help in a huge way to rank your blog in search engine results and increase optimization moreover, generate grate leads to a blog.

The main pointers or you can say rules for SEO are

  • Titles less than 60 characters
  • Description includes 140-150 characters
  • Well-formed URLs
  • Mobile friendly content
  • Fast loading pages

8)   Enhance your work

This is not enough to create content by simply throwing words or simply creating catchy titles is not enough. The next step is to beautify your article or post. It is important for an article to appear good and attractive.

After complete writing, it is now time to arrange content. You can use bold, italics o highlight the important points moreover resize the content. This will completely change the entire look of an article.

9)   Make your blog get noticed

It is a bad feeling when one spend hours on creating a post and in the result, there are no appropriate view or no comments and likes. It really discourages a writer. To overcome the issue there are a number of different ways to make content noticed.

One can simply use advertisements, social media,and guest posts to rank content and increase visibility to generate more leads.

10)  Be consistent

Consistency will help you build and grow your blog faster. This is the only way to grow your website in months. By posting one or two blogs, a day will help you better and make your website a fast-growingwebsite.

This will also increase traffic and generate leads to your blog, with active users.


This article describes that it is not possible to become a great blogger without having proper knowledge about blogging. To become a great blogger or writer first one must have a little bit knowledge about logging and secondly, it is important to follow some of the rules or the steps as described in the article.



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