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How to Get Your First 10,000 Fans on Facebook

Facebook is one of the top social media platforms that allow millions of people around the world to star and expand any sort of business. Although there are still millions of active business owners still working efficiently and productively. Else than business Facebook also allows people to start their own personal pages and promote personal brands.

This also includes celebrities, players and other famous personalities in this respect. The aim objective of all of these is to get famous among people and get more fan following. Talking about Facebook fans, there exist two types of fans real fans and fake fans. Clearly, from the name, Fake fans are clearly useless.

Fake fans not in any way can benefit a Facebook page owner to take his page to great leads. Moreover, this will allow Facebook to take some serious actions in accordance to ban or delete the page permanently. On the other hand, real fans are the only one that can increase organic performance as well as they are more beneficial.

How to Get Your First 10,000 Fans on Facebook

Due to the latest rules and policies on Facebook, having up to 10,000 active fans is necessary in order to use Facebook as a proper earning platform. Therefore, many marketers on Facebook are still working on this to get a maximum number of active and real followers on Facebook for proper and productive performance.

Here are some simple ways through which one can get success in achieving first 10,000 fans on Facebook with a little effort and less time.

–               Create a Facebook page

The first and very important step for getting a huge amount of followers is to have a Facebook business page. A business page is necessary to get success, expanding a brand and to reach maximum people to get higher leads. Without a proper Facebook page, you can never get this great amount of fan following and expand your business in a perfect way.

–               Build Trust of your Fans

To get success and becoming famous in any sort of field especially during online work the first step is to develop the interest of the Fans or audience. This is very important because without building a strong relationship of trust you can never get success in achieving a huge number of fans. Act genuinely and try to share every detail about your product or service accurately.

Keeping it precise and accurately develop the interest of more people towards your page and if you will provide every detail exactly true and real this in return will attract more fans towards your Facebook page, which is your major Concern.

–               Identify the interests of your fans

Another important step is to understand the likes and dislikes of your audience. Try to know what is actually your fans want to see from you in the future as well. Knowing their interest and keep on creating the related stuff will be helpful in engaging more audience.

Proper research for this purpose is necessary. You can identify the interests of your fans by different surveys and methods in order to make more improvement and attract a great amount of Facebook fans.

–               Use Facebook Tools for Promotion

The latest updates on Facebook have also introduced new tools for running and promoting a Facebook page efficiently. For a Facebook page owner, it is necessary to learn those tools in order to work smoothly with Facebook and get a maximum number of active and real fans on Facebook. The purpose of these Facebook tools is to serve all the advantages and facilities to a Facebook page owner in order to increase growth and production of the business.

–               Use other Social media platforms for promotion

Another great and easiest way of reaching to maximum people by attracting more audience is by using other famous social media platforms for promotion. The other famous platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram are the best ones to promote your Facebook page to increase fan following as these platforms their self-have millions of active users.

This will prove to be the trick to get more fans on Facebook by a simple method of promotion, which is free of cost as well.

–               Increase the visibility of your page in Public

Increasing the visibility of the page will be a helpful way as well to gain more followers. You can optimize your page by following simple tricks. Some of the common optimization tips are:

  • Use a catchy title for your posts.
  • Select a name for your page that is easy to pronounce
  • Use hashtags o increase visibility.
  • Provide an in-depth description of every single thing

These are some proven ways to increase the visibility and worth of the Facebook page to reach a maximum number of people.

–               Increase engagement with the help of Content

Use content strategy the famous strategy for promotion to engage more people towards your page. Creating unique content and sharing it repeatedly will help you increase the engagement of the audience, which in result attract more fans towards your Facebook page.


–               Modify your Content

This simply means to use several ways of displaying content. You can make use of pictures and videos in order to display your services. The content in the form of pictures or videos has more chances to become visible to a maximum number of people. Which simply attract more audience towards your age.


Facebook is one of the fastest and easiest platforms, which almost every single person can use and operate. Moreover, it is the number one platform used worldwide to run several businesses. However, to run any business fans and audience are two important things. The same applies to Facebook; the great number of fans are necessary which indicate the popularity as well as build trust between owner and customer.


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