How to order things from China?

China is one of the best exporters in the world and exporting many products throughout the world. Not only have they had many reliable suppliers but many successful clients.

When it comes to imports and searching on the internet, China comes on the top of the list. Not only they offer the best rates but also deliver products on time and if you require products in bulk, China is your best bet!

If you want to place an order from China, here is a complete guideline for you to buy products in 3, 2, and 1:

1.    Find a good product according to your requirement:

First of all, ask yourself that what do you want? What do you require details and description of the product, model, color, specification or any particular thing you are looking for?

The best way is to search it on the internet along with details, do some research and find the best option available. In case if you don’t find the same match, you can always go for a nearest possible product which matches your description.

2.    Find a good supplier providing your product:

Now you need to check who is supplying this product in your country. Usually, China exports in every country but makes sure that you have checked your countries law, restriction or any other specific detail so that the shipping process is as flawless as possible.

Once you find the supplier, communicate with them and ask questions, details, rates, and other details which are essential for the shipping process.

3.    Ask for a sample:

Well, quality can be biggest concerns for many people who are ordering from China that is why you can always ask for a sample. Some companies also send free samples, some ask for half and half payment while others ask you to pay the full amount for the sample. That is why make sure you choose one which suits you best. Also, you can go with those companies who are more flexible in rates, samples and quotes you the best offer.

Once you receive the sample, completely analyze it keeping in mind the quality you require.

4.    Negotiate the rates, quantity, and delivery:

Negotiation is one of the most important elements while ordering from China. It may take days in negotiation and may have different levels too. That is why negotiate according to your budget and make sure that you negotiate with multiple suppliers to make the best deal.

5.    Set a date for delivery:

You have to set a date for delivery. The time you want your products to be delivered also keep in mind any holidays, delays and uncertain circumstances. Also, make sure that you give the exact quantity of the product and ask for bets time your supplier can deliver your order.

6.    Ask for payment schedule and method of delivery:

There are different payment methods to choose from depending on the company policy, the quantity of your order, delivery deadline, or any other specification. You can either pay half or a certain amount before delivering while rest can be paid when you receive your shipment. The percentages and delivery methods have to be discussed before so that there is no confusion and issue occur.

You can also choose the method of delivery like cargo, airline or any shipment company. It all depends on your convenience as well as the cost you are willing to pay for shipment. The method of delivery also depends on the quantity of your order and the best mean to deliver it.

7.    Pay for your product:

After deciding the channel of the method, your order will be shipped from China to your country, port, doorsteps, company or warehouse address. You have to pay as soon as your shipment is sent or else whatever the payment schedule is set. That is why you have to arrange for the payment and pay according to your requirement.

8.    Receive your order:

By this time you have received your order, and it is time to either receive it from the port or from the location you have asked for. The best way is to track the shipment is through shipment tracker which tells you the exact location of your order and helps you in tracking it.

9.    Check the quality and quantity:

Carefully analyze the quantity and quality of the product and complete order to check that the supplier has delivered you what you have asked for. Also, make sure that you got the best quality and exact quantity you have asked for. If there is an issue, damage product or problem you have seen in your order, you can always ask for replacing or refund. It will help you in making most of your order and make future decisions at the same time.

10.    Give feedback:

If you are satisfied or even not from the product, you must give the feedback to your manufacturer or supplier in China so that they can improve the quality and work on the details you have provided them. Feedback is also essential when it comes to building the best relationship with your supplier in long-term business.






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