How to Replace a Home AC Unit Contactor

Air conditioners are now a crucial part of everyone’s life. There are hundreds of problems that you can fact during the functionality if you air cooling unit. The repairer usually takes hours to reach the location,and the procedure costs a great amount of money as well.

We have brought a solution to both the problems of low cooling and even no cooling at all. You will need the following instruments for going forward:

  • Multimeter
  • Voltage checker
  • A set of screwdrivers
  • And a set of sockets.

And even if these solutions do not work for you, the process makes it easy for your repairer to diagnose the problems in your cooling system.

Check if the furnace is working well:

Check whether the fan of your air conditioner is working properly or not. For this, set the thermostat to cool and keep the temperature settings as low as possible. Now check the fan. If the fan is running, then you can move forward. And if the fan is stopped then the below-mentioned process will not work, so you will need to call an expert for it.

Once the furnace is dealt with, see if the compressor is functioning in the normal manner or not. If the compressor stopped, then you should reset the compressor to check whether it works or not.

Buying the parts:

The buying process is an easy one, which anyone can do, but you need to keep a couple of things in your mind. The first thing is that most of the times, the conductor or the capacitor will cause problems to your easy. These parts are cheap,so you can afford them to buy whenever you doubt that there is a problem with these particular things. The second thing is that the condenser fan motor can also fail, and this failure is not what you want. The motorcosts $150 in the market, so you need to think twice before making such a heavyinvestment. Before buying thing part, make sure that the condenser fan motor is the main problem or not.

Before going out to buy the parts, see the number plate on the AC condenser. Write down the numbers and details mentioned on the plate and make sure that the information is accurate.

The procedure

Cutoff the power:

You will see an electric panel next to your condenser, just unplug the plug out from the socket. Put the voltage sniffer or voltage checker in the panel to check if the current is gone already or not.

Now check three of these things: Whether the registers are open or not, the furnace filter is clean it not, and if the condenser coil is clean or not.

Check the filter:

If the registers were not open, then the closure will cause the evaporating coil to freeze up. And this will stop the AC from functioning. If you have changed or open the registers and still the problem of blockage exists then you just need to turn off the thermostat and switch the fan from “auto” to “on.”After this, run the AC for 30 minutes and see if the air is continuously blown out from the air conditioner or not. If the AC works well, then you have solved the problem.

Also, prevent the condensing coil from getting blocked. Clean it after a specified period by turning off the electricity supply.

Check the fuse:

Bring your multimeter in this step. Adjust it to the lowest Ohm value possible. Now connect the device with the black and red wires and see the reading. If the reading shows a zero, a negative value or an infinity then the fuse is blown. If there is any other value, then the fuse is working in the best way possible.

A failure of fuse shows that there is a defect in some part of the condenser. Replace that part or call an expert.

Discharging the dual capacitor:

Remove the capacitor from the retention bracket. Keep the insulated screwdriver between the HERM and COMMON terminals. Do the same with FAN and COMMON terminals.

Replace the capacitor:

Add the new capacitor in the retaining bracket where the old capacitor was fitted. Make sure that the connection is fit and the wires are all tied up.

Swap out the contactor:

Disconnect the old contactor from the connector. Add the new contactor in the same place where the old one was and place it inside the condensing unit.

Replace the fan motor:

Mark the blades of the fans for the safety purpose and see which side is facing which direction. Use a screwdriver to loosen the screws of the blades and remove the blades from the shaft of the motor. Now remove the old motor and add a new one in its place. Make sure that the connection is the same as compared to the previous motor. Use zip ties to tie the wires to save them from getting cut by the fan’s blade.

Now turn on the power, set the thermostat to cool, keep the temperature as low as possible and check if the AC is working fine. Check the speed of furnace fan and even the compressor operation. If the compressor is working,but the fan is stopped them there is an evident issue in the motor function. If this all does not help you, then you should call an expert because the problem might be a refrigerant leak.

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