How to Set Up Two Computer Gaming Monitors

How to Set Up Two Computer Gaming Monitors
How to Set Up Two Computer Gaming Monitors

Gaming is one of the most common time-pass activities. People often choose gaming for their free time and to clear their head from all the responsibilities, and stress. There are a wide range of games available and people can choose exactly what they like. However, there are several tips which can make your gaming experience even better.


Tips to improve your gaming experience

Following are some of the ways through which you can enhance your gaming experience.

  • Make sure to search through the games and their features thoroughly as to avoid any unwanted disappointment. Many times the features in the games do not match what it is written on their cases/ads and that can be a huge disappointment.
  • The gadgets play an important part in the overall gaming experience and you must use the ones which are absolutely worth your money. Getting the fancy gadgets does not necessarily make your gaming experience more exciting however; the latest technology always holds the tendency to make people enjoy their time better. Research it well and then purchase the remote controls or PCs which are the absolute best and are easily affordable for you.
  • Like the remote control and PC, mouse and keyboard play an important part as well. Fine quality hardware has the ability to improve people’s gaming experience and making it more enjoyable.
  • Try playing the classic games more often even when you have gotten a brand new latest PC. There is nothing like nostalgic gaming session as it makes you forget your worries for better and put you back in the times of carefree days.
  • The fun of gaming gets doubled when the screen is big enough for the visuals to be clear enough. The more spacious the screen is the better gaming experience you will have. There are huge size PCs available in the market but they are not always handy. So, for that you can combine multiple PCs together for a similar experience.

Setting up multiple computer gaming monitors

Setting up multiple computer gaming monitors is a process itself. Following is a simple guide which you can follow to set up two computer gaming monitors on your own.

Step 1

The first and the most important step is to select the monitors which are of newer technology and make sure all of them are of the same model. There is no specification of which computer to use for gaming but the thing to keep in mind is that they are all of similar model as then it would be easier to connect them with each other.

Step 2

If you are purchasing a graphics card separately, then make sure it is the right kind. Check all the ports and be very sure that they are all the right ones.

Step 3

Before turning the system on, make sure all the wires are connected. It will not only help you to double-check the ports but will also avoid any unwanted shutting down of the system.  This is not anything too difficult and can be done simply within minutes. You can turn on the system once all the wires are connected.

Step 4

Once the system is connected with each other and running now go the control panel and do the settings as required. The main settings are done from the control panel of the computer and you can make sure that the settings are similar on both of the gaming monitors. However, one important thing to check is that the game is compatible to be played in multiple screens. There are several games which can’t be played on more than a single screen therefore, be very sure about the type of game you have selected.

Enhance your gaming experience even more

When a person is gaming, he gets totally invested in the game and often feels the need to eat food. Most of the times it is not even due to hunger and people eat simply because they are habitual of keeping their mouths busy while they play and hence, they start craving for food. It gets even better when the food is worth it. Following are some of the healthy yet yummy snacks which you can try during an intense gaming session.

Toasted pita bread

Cut the toasted pita bread in whatever shape you like and try them out after adding your favorite spices and salt on it. Instead of the fried potato chips, try toasted pita bread. It is better in taste and health both.

Nuts with dry fruits

Cookies taste heavenly but they are not healthy at all. Instead of cookies, munch on nuts mixed with dry fruits. You will not only get to enjoy the taste but, your health will not be destroyed either.

Frozen grapes

Sour candy is no doubt super fun to eat especially when you are in the middle of an interesting game. However, it is not only bad for your health but for your gums as well. Instead of the sour candies, try out frozen grapes. They will serve similar to what sour candies do. You can eat them throughout your gaming session without worrying about your sour teeth and aching gums in the future.

String cheese and beef jerky

Nachos with cheese for sure taste awesome and anyone would love it at any time of the day. However, it is not at all healthy especially if you are a regular gamer. Instead of nachos, go for string cheese and beef jerky. It is a healthier option without the compromise on taste and fun.

Hard boiled eggs

This sounds funny, right? However, it is not. Hard boiled eggs are extremely healthy. They not only make you fit and healthy but also improve the health of your hair. Instead of munching on the hard pockets during gaming, opt for the hard boiled eggs.

Gaming is a fun activity and in most cases, it is a passion. If you are an intense gamer, you must follow all the above mentioned tricks in order to have a world class experience that too without completely ruining your health.


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