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12 Tips For Time Management For Extremely Busy People

12 Tips For Time Management For Extremely Busy People

How often do you see people saying that they are the busiest people on thing planet? Every 9 out of 10 people cry over their busy routine. The weep over the time they cannot give to there family and even to their own self.

Now think about it realistically. You have 24 hours to finish off whatever work you have pending during your day.The main think that goes wrong every day is that you waste your time in doing the less important stuff, which leaves a small timeframe for the completion of more important things to be done.

Coming to the solution to your problem, you can definitely enjoy your day alongside achieving your professional goals. The only thing that you will need is efficient management of time.We have brought some simple yet highly effective ways of managing your time. All these tips are as under.

12 Tips For Time Management For Extremely Busy People

Make a to-do list:

The first and foremost thing to do is to make a list of the things that you are going to do on a specific day. Many people usually complete this step but they never make it in the right way. The to-do list must be written on the basis of priority. The most prior stuff must receive the major portion of your attention and vice versa. The best way to make to-do-list is actually the foundation of your time management procedure.

Plan it in the evening:

Keep it in mind thatthis part it simple but a very crucial one. Many people start their day with a worry to plan their routine throughout the day. This initial worry is what you carry on your shoulder for the whole day.

Before going to sleep, spare 10 minutes of your time and plan what you need to do tomorrow. An advance planning will keep you from panicking at the start of your day.

Make not to do list too:

Okay! We know that this sounds stupid but it works. Write down the bad habits that you have developed over time. These habits must be those which consume a major portion of your time and are unproductive like playing video games.

Writing down these time wasting activities will help you identify which things waste your time daily and you can think about the ways to negotiate these habits. These victories might be small but this is what makes the difference at the end. Believe us!

Setting the deadline:

Deadline is the time by which you have to complete a specific task. Whether you are working for an employer or running your own business, setting a deadline is the first thing to do. We need to follow our deadlines without letting the procrastination and distractionget in our path.

Try setting the deadlines for anything you do. But keep it in mind that you are human, not a robot. You need freedom and rest too. Be realistic while planning the deadline.

Set your priorities:

This is a simple one and the one which we have already discussed. Distinguish the most important things that you have pending in your schedule.

The things written on your to-do list will be useless if you do not arrange them according to your priority. Look for the activity that will fulfill your need the most, bring to closer to your objectives and help you progress. After identifying such things, focus on completing them first.

Finish them in the morning:

Your brain will always be the most efficient in the morning. So why not do the most important stuff in the most efficient hours? This sounds compelling.

On the other hand, the best part about completing the important stuff early is that it will help you gain the required momentum.

The motivation that you will get after completion of the most important stuff will help you survive almost everything which life throws at you during that day.

Review your day:

The end of your day is not only good for planning the coming day’s routine but is also the best time for you to review your day.

See the things that you have done and the time which the things have taken. Observe whether you complied with your schedule or not. Track the deficiencies and search for ways to improve your output.

Take a single task:

People tend to do more than one task at a single time. But we need to understand that humans are not a machine. Even a computer lags when it performs multiple tasks.

One of the keys to efficiency in task completion is to handle a single task at a time. Focusing on a single task helps to concentrate your focus on the task that you are doing. It helps you to complete the task early which leaves you with ample time to complete the remaining schedule.

Automating decision

Busy people do not have enough time to waste it on doing irrelevant stuff. But even those people take free time out of their daily routine to handle their daily chores, spend family time and attend a social gathering.

The automation of decision is the way to go in such condition. For example, you can have a set time for breakfast and the set kind of food which you will eat each day.

Many people waste their time planning the things that they want to eat or planning the time on which they will have their lunch or breakfast.

Bring the technology in:

Technology has made every walk of life easier for us. Same is the case with time management. There are free and paid apps for time management that can help your cause.

These apps help you to plan your schedule, communicate your client, follow the deadline, block distractions and even manage employees etc.

Getting the technological aid is usually the best option which makes any sort of management and planning easier for its user. You only have to enter data, and the rest will be handled by your app to plan and remind.

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