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How to Use a Vacuum Cleaner? Complete Guide

How to Use a Vacuum Cleaner - newsbhai.com

The vacuum cleaners are one of the most commonly used cleaning gadgets which can make your life easier and faster. There are many attachments and purposes which a vacuum cleaner can serve, adding more benefits and functionality to it. That is why you must know how to use the vacuum cleaner to its full extent and how can it helps you in fulfilling the purpose.

1.    Brushes:

There are many brushes which come along with the vacuum cleaner, and each serves a particular purpose.

•    Dusting brush:

Dusting brush has soft bristles which make it easier to remove dust from the places such as frames, glass, doors, and more delicate parts. It lightly sweeps the dust while sucking it so that you don’t need to remove each piece and do the dusting such as a bookcase or any showpiece.

•    Hard floor push:

This brush has hard bristles attached to it and uses for removing dirt as well as pet hair from the floor and carpet. It is specifically designed to pluck all the dust and dirt from the rug, mat or clothe where you have difficulties in removing the dirt.

2.    Crevice tools:

It is designed with an angled tip and small mouth to clean the dust from awkward places such as refrigerator coils, sofa cushion, radiators and window corners. Technically any place where the big hose cannot squeeze and reach. That is why the crevice tool is used for cleaning.

3.    Extension wand:

It is designed to extend the length of your vacuum cleaner especially the high places where your regular cleaner cannot reach. But unfortunately, it is a mostly unutilized tool in the vacuum cleaner which also helps you clean the ceilings, lights, and fans.

4.    Upholstery accessory:

It is commonly seen with the other small attachments of the vacuum cleaner which has short and stiff bristles made to remove all types of fur, hair, dust, lint from the cushion, mattress, and sofas. It can bring a good change in your cleaning routine if this part is used correctly.

Basics of using Vacuum cleaner:

How to Use a Vacuum Cleaner - newsbhai.com

There are few basic which you need to do to use your vacuum cleaner properly and all its tools.

  • Washing brushes of Vacuum cleaner: you need to wash the brush of vacuum cleaner now and then because it gets all the dirt which can cause more mess than the cleaning. Use mild soaps/dish washer or detergents in warm water and clean the brushes.
  • Dry the brush bristles: after you are done with the washing, you need to pat dries the bristles with clean clothes and then left it from completely dry before further use.
  • Comb the bristles: you can comb the bristles it to remove any pieces of hair and dirt which are left inside it.
  • Repeat the cleaning process several times: it is recommended to repeat the cleaning process now and then but it depends on how much and how many times do you use the vacuum cleaner which will allow you to maintain its life.

 Few tips to completely clean the vacuum cleaner:

1.    Avoid allergens getting inside the house:

The primary issue with the vacuum cleaner is it catches all the pollens and allergens inside it and in case you have a bag fewer vacuum cleaners, and you have to clean it by yourself it will cause more damage to you or to the person who is cleaning it. That is why try to keep away the allergens by closing doors and windows and putting mats on the doors also it’s regular cleaning so that it doesn’t get inside your house and cleaner.

2.    Clean your vacuum cleaner filter:

Cleaning the filter is as important as the bag and canister that is why you have to clean it regularly.

3.    Empty your bag on time:

If you have the bag vacuum cleaner, you need to change it after it gets filled and replaces it with the new one. If more spends on the filled bag it will reduce the efficiency of the cleaner and decrease the suction capacity.

If you have the bagless cleanly, then you can go for the regular cleaning. Make sure you dispose of the canister carefully and wear a face mask to avoid any inhaling of damaging smells and pollen. You need to wash the filter with mild detergents and brush and let it dry. Attach all the clean and dry parts before using it again and enjoy cleaning with its full capacity.

4.    Make your home fragrant:

If you want your house to smell fresh and right then here is a trick for you can dip a cotton ball in any perfume or essential oil and put it in the vacuum cleaning bag. The scent will release gently, and the fresh mall will spread everywhere while your house gets clean too. It will add more detail to your cleaning routine.



Vacuum cleaners are the best device invented for cleaning the house, and you can extend its life, performance as well as efficiency. That is why you must know which part is used for which purpose as well as how can you save time, energy and money on cleaning the house as well as a vacuum cleaner. That is why follow the one by one step and use the cleaner for lots of purposes and ways to improve your cleaning experience.


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